Stay in the game TRANDING HAIR STYLES We are afro Caribbean Hair Salon specialising in giving the best skin fade and shape up, also we are the best I'n braiding and weaving in the city. Cutzz Styles is the first Black barbers in Devon and Cornwal.
Call:01752 656636
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Amazing things come from


Cutzz styles Specialised barber and hair beauty, we give service to AfroCaribbean and European hair cut , weaving, texturising and hair cosmetics.

Cutzz Styles Barbes is the backbone of Plymouth community not only as a barbershop but a source of all the information, our doors are open and very welcoming.



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Services We Offer

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Skin Fade


When you get a skin fade from my team you never go anywhere else. We are the best.

Straight Razor Shaver


We still keep things traditional at Cutzz Barbers, our wet razor shave you have to try it.

Skin Fade and Beard Trim add- on


Pleae look at some of our pictures on our Gallery, we will change your bad day to a positive day with trim 



If you’re looking for normal hair cut, short back and side we have you on your smiling with in no time.

Men Color


If you want to look extra sharp our team can add colour to your hair cut that brings you a nice line, simply ask your Barber

Kids Hair Cut


We can cut any hair style for the kids from tradition to lines just ask the barber what style you like price start from

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our works

Check out some of hard work, we do try to make sure every customer is happy before they leave our shop.

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meet our artists

This is our team at present we have three Barbes and one hairdresser. The team has 10 years of experience among them.

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Our Services

Check some of the services we offer from our Braid Bar. All the services below are only available on booking. Its easy simply call the shop of WhatsApp 07792032005

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  • Haircut & Blowdry
  • Sleek and Shiny
  • Shampo & Set with Haircut
  • Hair Treatment
  • texturisng
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  • Big Cornrows Braids
  • Side Cornrows Braids
  • Two Cornrows
  • Style Cornrows
  • all the way back cornrows
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  • Box Braids
  • Singles Braids
  • Knotless Braids 
  • Pick and Drop
  • Crochet Braids
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Dread Locks

  • Relock
  • New Locks
  • Wool Dreadlocks
  • Yarn Dreadlocks
  • Cornrows and Dreadlock
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OUR OPENING HOURS :Mon – Sun: 9:30- 18:30
Call: 01752 656636
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From our shop

Some of the products you can buy from us to make sure you always take care of your hair. If the product you're looking is not displayed please ask a member of staff and we can get it for you.

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